61 varieties...and counting!

(I've been out of the loop for a bit due to an injury...a pinched nerve from cervical spine compression, to be exact. It's been quite an adventure and one I hope never to repeat. More tests are still to be done, and physical therapy should start this week. My body has made it plainly clear that life is too short to do anything but the best for one's body...and oh yes - I'm listening!) So here we are, the very end of December and I'm terribly proud of the fact that we've already started our 2017 seeds! Ottilie and I have got 61 varieties started already: Chives Onion Pepper Big Chili Pepper Rooster Spur Pepper Aji Amarillo Pepper Aji Dulce Pepper Albino Bullnose Pepper Anaheim Pepper Anaheim

Seed Saving and the Value of a Network.

A few weeks ago I had the honor of going to Daybreak Flower Farm in Loganville, which is owned by the wonderful Gail Zorn and her partner, Andrew. Gail and I are both board members of the Georgia Farmers Market Association, and we both have a passion for saving seeds. She invited me out particularly to collect seeds and cuttings, and when I excitedly agreed to come I had no idea just what a tremendous gift she was to give me. Saving seeds is a magical process for me and I often save seeds from my plants at the homestead. However, flowers are still fairly new to me and Gail is a goldmine of information. I ended up coming home with 13 different varieties of flower seed and cuttings from some g

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