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Salix caprea


We are almost all familiar with, and love pussywillows, but how about a pink pussywillow? 


Silvery catkins emerge from the stems in late winter, turning pink before becoming yellow with pollen. Leaves are wider than most other willows, giving it a full rather than wispy look. Perfect for arrangements, wreaths, and other crafts! Keep it coppiced to produce the most flower stems. Though it is a small tree naturally,  cut to the ground every three to four years to control size to a more shrub-like form.  


And even better? Willows are excellent for our pollinators! Willow is the host plant for the Viceroy butterfly (monarch look-alike), and provides an early nectar source for bees. 


Extremely hardy, tolerates poor, heavy soil, and is relatively tolerant of short dry spells once established. 


Like all perennials, the first year planted might be slow or even disappointing, but each year they get stronger and stronger and more and more beautiful. BE PATIENT. 


Sun exposure: Full sun (best), part sun, part shade

Zone: 3-10, extremely hardy!

Size: Up to 12' tall and width depends on if coppiced

Bloom time: Late winter, very early spring


  • Good for cut flowers
  • Deer resistant
  • Black walnut tolerant
  • Excellent for crafting

Propagation: open-pollinated, propagate from cuttings

'French Pink' Pussywillow

  • Every plant that leaves my posession will be healthy and ready to grow for you. If you have a problem with the plant within 30 days, please contact me as soon as you notice so that I can help correct the problem, replace the plant, or offer a refund. 


    Aside from the above, there will be NO refunds or exchanges available due to the nature of a living product.


    If you have any concerns, please contact me so that they can be addressed. I do my best to work with every customer to be sure they are completely satisfied.