Levisticum officinal


I love lovage. 


With intense, celery-like flavor combined with more savory notes, it is an excellent addition to soups, stews, stocks, pork, poultry, and potatoes. 


Lovage has a long history in Europe, and the entire plant is used. The leaves as an herb, the roots as a vegetable, and the seeds as a spice. 

Theleaves and hollow stems are sold fresh, dried, frozen, or crystallized.


This herb demands to be noticed! Growing as tall as 6' in its second year and returns stronger every year. Super easy to grow, and beautiful in the garden. 


Sun exposure: Full sun - part sun

Zone: 3-9

Size: up to 6' tall



  • Every plant that leaves my posession will be healthy and ready to grow for you. If you have a problem with the plant within 30 days, please contact me as soon as you notice so that I can help correct the problem, replace the plant, or offer a refund. 


    Aside from the above, there will be NO refunds or exchanges available due to the nature of a living product.


    If you have any concerns, please contact me so that they can be addressed. I do my best to work with every customer to be sure they are completely satisfied. 

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