Mentha x villosa


This is *the* mint for authentic mojitos! 


Remember, all mints can be invasive. Plant in a large container to control. 


Sun exposure: Full sun - part sun - part shade

Zone: 6-9

Size: 18-24" tall and wide


'Mojito' mint

  • Every plant that leaves my posession will be healthy and ready to grow for you. If you have a problem with the plant within 30 days, please contact me as soon as you notice so that I can help correct the problem, replace the plant, or offer a refund. 


    Aside from the above, there will be NO refunds or exchanges available due to the nature of a living product.


    If you have any concerns, please contact me so that they can be addressed. I do my best to work with every customer to be sure they are completely satisfied. 

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